It’s He-eer!

The signs are there. I’m quiet. I smile less. I have no appetite. I walk in circles. I write and rewrite “to do” lists. What are these sign posts pointing to? I’m stressed…before day one of the new school year.  I wasn’t like this before Preplanning started. My classroom was practically done. I was intending … More It’s He-eer!

Moment to Moment

If I had to draw my July, it would be a funnel cloud, wide at the top narrowing into a small hole. Next week will be full of orientation meetings and the final push to finish setting up my classroom before we leave for vacation. When we return, preplanning begins.  Thankfully, my room is nearly … More Moment to Moment

On Prior Preparation

My first teaching job was a “hit the ground running” experience. It was October, two months after the year had begun. The school had a population boon in 4th grade and needed to add a class. Enter eager beaver me.  I hadn’t been sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. I had just finished a long … More On Prior Preparation


The verdict is in… I shall be a teacher in the fall. I accepted an offer to teach 4th grade at a brand new school. I’ll be a charter faculty member. The principal has already sent out a couple of newsletters that are extremely inspiring.  I’ve already begun planning. My long list of action items … More Teacher

Major Whiplash

I have major whiplash when it comes to what I thought was my vocation, my calling, teaching. Today was a great day and now I’m thinking, Hey, maybe I can do this? Will this feeling last though? Should I leave the profession based on a feeling, which are vascillating?  All questions that need to be worked … More Major Whiplash

My Bright Idea: A Tool to Help Students and Teachers

Earlier this summer, I got an idea for a tool to implement this school year. After some brainstorming, I have decided to proceed and use this for my students. Every student will have a DATA Binder where all their standardized and formative assessments, attendance, and behavior information will be kept. The binder will remain at … More My Bright Idea: A Tool to Help Students and Teachers

Fancy That!

Fancy that! I enjoyed a fabulous week at school. I actually felt like I had the proverbial bull by the horns instead of dangling precariously from the bull while it jerked me hither and yon. What pray tell was the method to this newfound equilibrium? I don’t know, really. I can share some high points. … More Fancy That!


I am forever readjusting my approach and outlook about my job, career, and vocation as a teacher. Much of my machinations rise out of my changing emotions: giddiness, elation, sadness, frustration, etc. This makes for a very unstable emotional life. However, from outward appearances, no one can tell. I am a calm, structured, and professional … More My GASM