I am in the thick of updating my Scandal Fanfic, “Back to Us.” This will be my next one to finish after “An Education.” I am enjoying writing the flashbacks. It really expands the story, imagining the past events that led Fitz and Liv to where they are now. It’s akin to dismantling a completed puzzle … More Flashbacks


Quitting is not an option. I like getting paid.  So I grin and bear it.  Become the fake it  To you make it queen. Get a Ph.D. In Pretendology! I’m alone at school. No one is by teacher boo. I’m alone in the trenches Thirsty Bursty…is that a word? Bursty with my complaining.

It’s He-eer!

The signs are there. I’m quiet. I smile less. I have no appetite. I walk in circles. I write and rewrite “to do” lists. What are these sign posts pointing to? I’m stressed…before day one of the new school year.  I wasn’t like this before Preplanning started. My classroom was practically done. I was intending … More It’s He-eer!

Moment to Moment

If I had to draw my July, it would be a funnel cloud, wide at the top narrowing into a small hole. Next week will be full of orientation meetings and the final push to finish setting up my classroom before we leave for vacation. When we return, preplanning begins.  Thankfully, my room is nearly … More Moment to Moment