I am forever readjusting my approach and outlook about my job, career, and vocation as a teacher. Much of my machinations rise out of my changing emotions: giddiness, elation, sadness, frustration, etc. This makes for a very unstable emotional life. However, from outward appearances, no one can tell. I am a calm, structured, and professional … More My GASM

Ode to My Mother

Sometimes I forget the richness my mother added to my life through her creative use of words. She used the most interesting sayings to make a point. I wonder if she was trying to be a sneaky teacher, a teacher who teaches without the student knowing. My most treasured examples are. When I was grating … More Ode to My Mother

Shaking the Dread

A new year ushers in the desire to resolve to multiply or divide things in our lives. My new year has ushered in more of a realization than a resolution: I dread facing my job each day. This is my second year teaching, but I must add a qualifier. This is my second year ¬†as … More Shaking the Dread