I volunteer at one of the local libraries in my community.  I write, “one of” because there are so many in my county. My favorite one is the Five Forks Branch just across the street from Ronald Reagan Park. My primary tasks include reshevling books, CDs, and DVDs as well as shelving books in the … More Homecoming

Hey Minorities…Television Networks and Hollywood are Just Not That Into You

As the TV and movie awards season draws to a close with the culminating event of last night, The Oscars, I am left with unease at the lack of black, Latino/a, Asian, native American, non-white faces in Hollywood and TV. Hooray for Taraji P.  Henson’s and Viola Davis’ nominations, Penelope Cruz’s Best Supporting Actress win, … More Hey Minorities…Television Networks and Hollywood are Just Not That Into You

Good Ole’ Pat Buchanan, He’s a Racist’s Racist

On Wednesday, February 18 Attorney General Eric Holder gave a speech on the occassion of Black History Month. Some of his comments raised eyebrows, particularly the following (compliments of Amanda Terkel at Think Progress): Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial, we have always been, and … More Good Ole’ Pat Buchanan, He’s a Racist’s Racist

Fourth Grader, Gerra Gistand wins the 2009 MLK Oratory Contest

Gerra Gistand wowed the audience with her inspiring message that answered the question, ” What would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. think of current events.”  This was the theme of this year’s Gardere MLK Oratory Competition established by Houston law firm Gadere & Wynne. Winner, Gerra Gistand attends MacGregor Elementary School. See her performance here.

Old Garments

Old Garments I thought I had shed them but I still have them on, Those garments that were smothering me, deceiving me no less. They were hand-me-downs well worn. Some days they made me look fat. Some days I looked thin. After a while I couldn’t tell who it was that peered back at me … More Old Garments