The Next Leg of Summer

July ushered in the last day of summer school. The bittersweetness was palatable. I enjoyed working with my other two teacher colaboraters as well as the Assistant Principals. Also, this marks the end of my tenure at that school. Oh I’ll miss being a tiger! Lastly, I’ll miss my kiddos. They all made gains in that short time, barely a blip in the grand educational scheme. Only one passed both posttests. Another one passed just one. Two came really close. The rest didn’t do well. I gave my recommendations to the parents. My hope is that the kids will be motivated to get excited about learning, though I know having help from parents is priceless. 

We ended the day by finishing a novel we were reading and playing a robust game of Life. Wow! The game packed an educational punch. I’ll say!   

Money begins the preparation. I have about 2 weeks to get my classroom set up before we leave for vacation. One we return. Summer will be done. This next leg is coming…


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