We are One

Me on my birthday with Sistergirl and Rock in the background
Me on my birthday with Sistergirl and Rock in the background

Rock and I have turned one years old! Sistergirl turned 11 on Friday. There have been so many spring birthdays. Dad has a birthday next month. Mom’s birthday is later in the year.

Sistergirl had a friend over this weekend to celebrate her birthday. I was a little suspicious of her and the two legger who dropped her off. Mom got on me for barking and growling at her. Once I gave her a thorough sniffing she checked out. Rock did not help me out on this one. He never does. He is always late when it comes to alerting our two leggers of imminent danger. The only time I have a problem with my job is when I am wearing the so called “gentle” leader. I just don’t like it! Rock is okay with it in the morning, but he hates to wear it in the evening. He pulls Dad and tries to greet every dog we meet. People see him and some think he is unruly and wearing a muzzle. It is funny to me when people mistake these two little flimsy-well not so flimsy-pieces of nylon for a muzzle. It does not stop us for doing anything with our mouths. It helps our two leggers lead us and prevent us from pulling so much. I still hate it for the irritation. Rock doesn’t like that it prevents him from running after a bird, squirrel, or anything that has captured his attention.

Now I love going to the dog park. Rock likes it too, but he doesn’t know how to get the respect he deserves. He usually follows me around or stands next to Mom and Dad. Before I play with another dog, I have to let them know that I am not going to be submissive. I sniff and size them up and at the first sign of them trying to dominate me in any way I have to bare the teeth. Mom and Dad tells me to, “Be Nice,” or they say, “they just want to play, but I don’t know. I am thin and wiry so some dogs think I am a light weight. Not so. I have Dad’s respect. The last time we left the park he said, ” I like Candi. She is a scrappy old girl.” Dad loves Rock of course, but he knows Rock is just a big baby.

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