Teaching Dogs Old Tricks

Master Rock Jenkins
Master Rock Jenkins

Mom is so excited about teaching me a trick. It is the old, “Give me the paw” trick. One night when I was enjoying a nice behind the ears rub from Mom, she decided to ask me for my paw. She has always wanted me to master this trick, but she never really made it a big deal. I think because she, in fact all of them (Dad and sister girl included), have been satisfied with seeing me bait Candi into playing. This is what I do. I sit straight up in front of Candi. I talk to her while using my paw to tap her on the head. This is the only way to really get her attention short of ignoring her while playing with a chew toy. She hates it when I don’t pay attention to her. They all love to see me do this. Of course I have to use my paw.

Well that night while Mom rubbed the back of my ears, she said, “give me the paw.” I did it so and she just made this sound of glee. I was happy that she was happy until she continued asking me to do it over and over again. They were convinced that Candi wouldn’t do it because she is stubborn. Mom kept trying and she did it, albeit, less enthusiastically than me.  Good going Mom!  I don’t do it every time she asks. This will help her appreciate me more when I do decide to do it.


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