My Birthday is on the Horizon!!!

Miss Candi Jenkins
Miss Candi Jenkins

Rock reminded me that my birthday is coming up! It is February 14 and almost here. Rock’s birthday is March 1. I have a suspicion he reminded me as an around the bush kind of way to remind me of his! You would have to know Rock to understand this. He is a little self-centered if you know what I mean.

The only reason he doesn’t push me out of the way when Mom, Dad, or sista girl gives us snacks is because he is sooooo confident he will get his fill. I have to give Rock his pounds because he is correct and especially about Mom. She just cannot resist giving us treats. Not the regular treats but those from their food box. I’m pretty sure the things she gives us are valuable. I have Googled everything she has given us and these are not scraps: apples, oranges, spinach, nuts, tofu, and much more.  She only gives us a little bit, though.

Rock turns into a zombie when he hears them in the kitchen. He peers at Mom with such concentration that she just gives in. Go Rock! I get some too because she thinks I will get jealous if she only gives some to Rock.  I heard her discussing this with Dad one day. She read a study that dogs understand inequality. Dad already believed this and told us to make sure they give us both equal love. I have heard them describe me as fearless, timid, standoffish, and pushy. How can these things go together? I’ll admit that I am not the big baby Rock is most times. He needs so much attention from them. I am content to lounge on my pillow and snooze. I jump up and investigate when necessary. I take in a fair amount of rubs and pats. I greet them enthusiastic tail wags. All in all, they accept me for the magnificent dog that I am.

As I approach my 1st birthday, I am thankful for Mom, Dad, Sistagirl, and especially Rock.  Mom, to this day, thinks she found us on According to Dad, he had this picture of a black lab puppy he found on a website. The pups name was Mr. Lime. He sent the picture to Mom to launch a search for a black lab. She did just that and found a picture of us together in a crate.  They really came for Rock but Mom couldn’t leave me and the rest is history, right? Wrong! Actually, Mr. Lime is an Official Humanhome Finder. He finds homes for dogs. It is as simple as that. This is how it happened…

The first picture of us Mom saw.
The first picture of us Mom saw. I am holding my paw up. Rock is in the back.

Oh, I have to run. Rock wants to play pick up sticks now. I’ll explain later about how we chose them and not the other way around. I will say that before they decided to get us they were planning to get a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. Mr. Lime made sure that didn’t happen.

Candi Jenkins                                                                     pawprint

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