January 6, 2009

Ruff! Hello friends! Candi didn’t think I could do it, but I did! I “talked” Mom

Mr. Rock Jenkins
Mr. Rock Jenkins

into letting us use the computer for a couple of hours to blog when we have something to write. How did I do it? I used the wag, sniff, and lick system. Mom was laying on the couch yesterday. She had a book in her front hands, but she was looking off to the side. There was a writing thing in her mouth and it looked delicious. I don’t understand why she won’t let us have those things. I walked over to her, put my face on her leg and started wagging my tail a lot. She looked at me and took the writing thing from her mouth. She smiled, showing all her teeth and started rubbing my ears. I began to forget what I was supposed to do when I heard Candi bark me back on task. Mom thought Candi was jealous and called her over. Candi looked away. I sniffed Mom’s hands and then began to lick them all over. She started to laugh and drop her head close to mine. Then I gave big licks on her forehead, three I think, while wagging my tail.  Eureka! My message had been sent to her top insides. That night she dreamed and it intiatied the message. From now one when we want to use the computer. We have to complete the sequence and Mom will unconsiously take us to the computer and leave us to blog while she naps.  We won’t do this when Dad or the sister girl is around. It would mess everything up. They wouldn’t understand why Mom goes on automatic pilot and lets us blog while she sleeps.  I’ve got the power!

Rock Jenkins                                                                               pawprint

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