I write fanfiction, mostly for ABC’s Scandal as Butterflypages. I’ve completed 2 of 11 stories. I don’t update that often, but there’s a lot here to read. Enjoy!

An Education

Ms. Pope is a 4th grade teacher at Ambrose Elementary school. She loves her job and the life she’s carved out. She has friends and a fulfilling career. She has no room in her life for love until new principal, Mr. Grant, appears. He is set on giving her an education in how to make room. (43 chapters, Complete)

Back to Us

After 15 years and 4 children, Olivia feels like she is in quicksand. She is unfulfilled in her life and marriage to Fitz. What she has no longer passes for happiness. Can they recapture what they had and get back to the “us” they created when they first met? (In Progress)

Down For the Count

Don’t make any important decisions when in pain or ecstasy. It is too late for Olivia who does just that. She enters into a life-altering unholy alliance with Fitzgerald Grant who has come to her museum to investigate the loss of an important manuscript. Will she be able to go back? Will she want to? (In Progress)

Euphoria, Inc.

What does the CEO of an intimate products company, Euphoria Inc. and the Governor of New York have in common? Nothing until their paths cross in a show down of epic proportions. Under pressure from religious groups, Governor Fitzgerald Grant, thwarts the opening of Spa Bliss, Olivia Pope’s first intimate spa. She won’t let anything stand in the way of her success, not even love. (In Progress)

Going in Circles

Olivia resigned. The President wants her back. Will he make her an offer she can’t refuse or will they keep going in circles? Divide the circumference by the diameter of any circle, no matter the size, you always get the same number. (In Progress)


Sequel to Going in Circles-Fitz has resigned the presidency to be with Olivia. They are awaiting the birth of twins and the chance to finally be together. A secret about Fitz will threaten to destroy their new life. (In Progress)

Not Quite Serendipity

Olivia and Fitz were almost high school sweethearts. When an unfortunate accident brings them back together, will they find love? (In Progress)

Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones

Life comes in dribs and drabs for Rev. Oliva Pope. Her faith is wavering but her dedication to her job on the ministerial staff of Grace Tabernacle Christian Church is steadfast. When Grace Church launches a search for a new Senior Pastor and selects Rev. Fitzgerald Grant, Olivia has to learn how to navigate the slippery slope of a forbidden attraction. (In Progress)

The Ultimate Heist

Olivia Pope is my name. Stealing art is my game, at least until this last heist is over. I shall retire after 10 years and a record of never getting caught. All will be well when FBI Agent, Fitzgerald Grant, gets off my trail. Or is this the biggest heist of all? (In Progress)

The Upside of Contempt

On the cusp of a victory-a hard fought for promotion-an unqualified Thomas Grant shows up and snatches it from Olivia. Instead of rubbing it in her face, he wants her to help him uncover the racist practices of this company she has held dear for so long. Olivia joins him in this fight, but is definitely NOT interested in anything more. But the twists don’t end there! (In Progress)

And this one is for Sleepy Hollow on Fox.


When Lieutenant Abbie Mills attends a Halloween party given by Captain Irving she has an encounter with a strange man dressed in the same type of colonial costume she wears. He claims to be her lover from the colonial era and tries to get her to return with him. Strange and dangerous happenings force them to join forces to fulfill their destiny. (In Progress)