Time to Myself

Mr. Rock Jenkins
Mr. Rock Jenkins

Like Candi, my birthday is coming up. Hers is closer since it is only one day away. Mine is about 14 days away. We will be turning 1 year old in human years, seven in dog years. Actually seven is human years because humans calculate it this way.

Whether 1 year or 7, I am so happy. Home is full of such wonderful smells. Outside is even better. Mom takes us on walks almost every day now and sometimes twice a day. Candi hates the gentle leader still, but she is doing better. She still tries to take it off every 30 steps or so. Even I try to take it off but not as often as she does.

I need to be alone sometimes. After our morning routine is done, I like to be downstairs in the basement alone for awhile. Candi comes in and up the stairs she goes behind Mom. I like it downstairs. If Candi stays with me she wants to play. She wants my attention. Now when we come in, I stay behind and lounge at the bottom of the stairs. Mom stands at the top calling me up. She entices me to come up by crinkling paper to make me think she has something for me to eat. Sometimes I run up the stairs. Mostly I turn my head and gaze in the other direction. I need time to myself to sit with my thoughts. Candi doesn’t let me do this because she always wants to play.

This morning Mom let me stay downstairs for a good while. It was great. There were 15 cars that passed on the street. Seven birds flew across the window. I wish I could have been outside with them. I know they would have flown away from me, and with good reason. I want to eat them! I think Mom understands. Candi does not, though. As soon as I came up the stairs, she attacked me.

Rock  Jenkins pawprint

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