It’s He-eer!

The signs are there. I’m quiet. I smile less. I have no appetite. I walk in circles. I write and rewrite “to do” lists. What are these sign posts pointing to? I’m stressed…before day one of the new school year. 

I wasn’t like this before Preplanning started. My classroom was practically done. I was intending mostly to direct my attention to lesson planning. Now after the first day of Preplanning, I realize I made wrong assumptions. I thought we would be alloted money for supplies this week. Alas, that is not the case. Now I have to take my long list to the store and fork out more money. That’s not the biggest stressor.  There is no big stressor other than myself trying to account for everything instead of allowing it to flow. 

This is me griping when I should be letting it roll down my back. I should be living by my quote of the year: “For success, attitude is as important as ability.”

I’m thankful my room is mostly done. How grateful am I to be doing something I delight in. I’m a natural problem solver so I’ll make do with what I’m able to afford and wait for the other to come. This will be the best year yet!  I’m prepared to give 150% to my 4th graders and they will give me 200% back!


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