On the Cusp

I am on the cusp of having my own classroom. Having just finished Practicum, I am about two months away from Student Teaching. I have often wondered how I would feel when I finally have my first class of students, 20 or so souls that would be my responsibility. Wow, I still am awed by this. As I get closer, this still seems elusive. I don’t know why. Perhaps because all my experiences have included another teacher who was really responsible even if I never meet them as a substitute teacher.

My Practicum was a great experience. Since it ended, I find that I no longer like subbing. I became used to the idea of getting to know a class over a period of time, really getting to know each student. I am less drawn to being in a class with kids I don’t know. I do manage to forge mini connections to them by the end of the day, but it is not the same. This makes me long even more for my own class.

It will come. In the interim, I am compiling resources to use when I am finally someone’s teacher.

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