The Wagsnifflick Room

Miss Candi Jenkins
Miss Candi Jenkins

Welcome to the Wagsnifflick Room brought to you by Rock and Candi Jenkins! This room is virtually open to all, both four leg and two leg, who want to gain wisdom and knowledge about, well, almost anything.

Mr. Rock Jenkins

Dogs have a higher intelligence quotient than humans. This is accepted as fact among dogs. Cats concur on this point, but those felines think they are smarter than canines! You readers must not mistake mild to severe personality disorders for a higher level of intelligence. But that debate must be left for another time. We are merely seeking to establish the base of our knowledge. With such intellectual vigor, we are always seeking knowledge. During the day while our human family is away, we leave our crates and spend most of the day reading, no devouring ideas, stories, news…all we can get our paws on. Naturally, our parents and sister think that we have to be crated while they are away. If they only knew that we can control our desire to gnaw the base boards, disembowel the pillows, and otherwise destroy the house. These are the lengths some dogs go to trying to communicate with their human families. Thankfully, our two leggers are pretty evolved, though they need more enlightenment.

A couple of days ago, we decided to start this room. Some days after that we heard that Mom was planning to quit her job and stay home. This poses quite a dilemma for us since there is only one computer in the house. What are two dogs to do?!?! Now we will have to leave our crates at night while they all sleep to get some time on the computer. It will work out. It has to. We have knowledge to impart! To see our other posts, look at the “Pages” menu under “The Wagsnifflick Room”.

Rock Jenkins      Candi Jenkins


4 thoughts on “The Wagsnifflick Room

  1. dear Rock and Candi

    I got your contacts from my friend Myesha Jenkins who has emigrated and is now a naturalized South African. I am writing on behalf of my fellow dogs Papalaps and Jonathan and I am greeting you in the name of African dogs. These humans always underestimate us – but we like it that way, because they don’t have high expectations. I am currently finishing a degree in economics by correspondence and I’ve managed to keep it hidden – if she finds out she’ll start charging me rent! Anyway, I look a bit like you – I’ve got African Hunting Dog in me so I have a ridge on my back – but the black hair and the floppy ears is just like me. We are family!

  2. Hello!

    Thanks to Myesha Jenkins, who incidentally has the same name as our Mom, for sending you to us. Our Mom and Dad almost got a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy but it didn’t work out. They have a book on those dogs and everything. Glad she got us instead.

    We are so happy to hear from you. Wow! You have a ridge! How cool!

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