Five days remain in summer school. I made a point of creating a learning community, complete with class jobs, workshops rotations, projects, and coaching on academic content and social skills that won’t be tested on the end of summer school assessment. 

All of my students are below grade level in reading and math. Two of them could move to meeting standards if we had more time. Based on what I have learned in working with these two, I wonder how they fell through the cracks. Did they not receive small group instrution in 3rd grade? Did they receive no parental help? The answers don’t matter much now. I know they’ll show some growth.   I could bring most of them to proficiency with more time. It’s just that these two are further along. 

With such a short instructional window, I’ve had to teach everything at once, making connections between the concepts in hopes it will click. Most of their deficits are in math. They are not fact fluent nor do they have a good grasp of base ten. I’ve seen growth in these areas since the beginning, yippee! That’s encouraging. Hopefully, their teacher for next year will put remedial programs in place in the coming school year. As I see the end in sight, I am thankful for this opportunity to work with this small group of amazing students.    

Looking forward to my permanent teaching assignment in the fall, I plan to take what I’ve learned with me. Inevitably, I’ll have students who, like my students now, are below grade level. I’ll be the teacher implementing the remediation. 

Last evening, my moving elves (hubby & daughter) and I made the trip to my new school to move in. We arrived almost an hour before the scheduled twilight move in time. Others had the same idea. From 8 until 11:30 pm, we moved furniture around and began decorating until a first draft of my room design took shape. 

It’s a work in progress. I’m delighting in it. 


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