Media Clerk, Teacher, or…

Here I sit in my familiar waiting game. What will I be doing next school year? I do know where I’ll be so that is a plus. My school system has just finished the transfer process. Teachers who have been at a school for at least 3 years can interview at other schools. Teachers who wish to stay at their schools can change grade levels. It is a complex process for principals as they shift, sift, and sort their staff for the coming year. People like me who started during the year are on hold. Since there are no open teaching positions now, I have let the principal know that I’m interested in applying for the Media Clerk position. 

Now I need to let her know that my interest goes beyond that of placeholder until a teaching position opens, probably in the fall after the school year begins. If I can’t get a position before the school year starts, I don’t want one at all. I’m an expert at being a part year hire. I don’t want to take over a class after the first day of school. I’ll take the lower pay in exchange for the stability of knowing what I’ll be doing. If I were to take another part year hire position, I’d be in the same position next spring! I will not be Sisyphus anymore. 

More to come…

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