Leaving the stacks?

I’ve been working part time at my public library for about 8 months. My job includes running the automated book drop, shelving, pulling books for the hold shelf, and weeding books that are in poor condition. I answer patron questions, but due to my limited role, I am prohibited from answering in depth questions. When I get a reference or research question, I’m to refer them to the Help Desk. This used to bother me even when I knew the reasoning. After a couple of months of hoping I could parlay this into a full time position, I finally realized I wanted to return to teaching.

I accepted a position as a permanent substitute, but I kept the library job. I love books and libraries! Even though the sub position is full time, it doesn’t pay all that well. Thus began my grueling schedule juggling two jobs. I was open to see what would unfold. In these last 8 months, I realize I love teaching and have a higher earning potential and future job opportunity in education than in libraries.

Also, in the last two weeks my copyediting business has been booming. I have three jobs in the works. The library pays so little and there’s no room for growth. I’ve come to the end of the road there. It was a meditative experience…shelving books and occasionally helping a patron. Now, it’s time to move on.

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