Le Mission a la Fanfic de Scandal

My goal is to finish all my Scandal Fanfics this year. One of my readers inquired about the sequence of completion. I hadn’t really narrowed that down so I’ll put it to the readers. What do you want?

Link to my fanfic stories here.

List of Stories (listed in alpha order):

1 Back to us (BU)

2 Down for the Count (DC)

3 Harvest (H)

4 Not Quite Serendipity (NQS)

5 Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones (SBSS)

6 The Ultimate Heist (UH)

7 The Upside of Contempt (UC)

NB: I’m working on An Education now.

What is your pleasure? You can list in order of preference using the number or just type the acronym for your desired sequence. You can send me your choices in the comments section of this blog. I’m not going to put any time constraints on this request since I’m not sure how much of a response I’ll get. Just putting it out there.

What’s your preferred sequence?

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