I am writing. I am at the library after yesterday, a day of very little writing. Once again, I’ve set an unrealistic goal for finishing my novel, January 31. I have 22,000 words thus far and much more story to tell. Unfortunately, I equated a wealth of ideas and material with the ability to write quickly. So writer’s block is not the only reason to procrastinate? Maybe I’m just lazy. Officially not beating myself up. It is funny because I would like to write as a way to distract myself from writing. So instead of updating one of my fanfiction stories, I am updating this blog while eating almond joys, popping bubble gum, and people watching. I’ve sworn off Twitter and Tumblr because they are time wasters that bring nothingness. Being on those is like feeling alone in a crowded room at someone else’s party . This blog is like sorta doing the same thing, but the room is my own. I don’t have to swear off Facebook because my interest there is pretty much nil. Okay. I’m going back in to my story.



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