A Full Circle of Leaps

leap-of-faithDo you sometimes feel fragmented, as if you are an amalgam of small disconnected experiences, hurts, successes, triumphs and failures? The Herculean task lies in putting all these pieces together to form your story, a personal narrative that has a recurring theme and fulfilling journey. This is where I am at this present juncture. I am standing in a room and all my pieces are swirling about me. My hands are flailing about as I attempt to capture them and put them into some sort of coherent whole.

I feel like I have just begun to piece some of the fragments together. What am I? I am an artist. What is my principal gift? Observing and then creating. Will I starve? I hope not. I have spoken my dreams in the atmosphere and now it is time to declare them.

I still have much to learn and experience. I have not arrived anywhere or conquered anything. What I am is moving forward with open eyes and an eager heart. Hopefully this isn’t to narcissistic. I like to lift others up also. I love to serve.

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