Tired SAME Sorry Excuses for Institutional Racism (A Rant)

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you know that the illustrious and ubiquitous Kerry Washington hosted Saturday Night Live on November 2. If you watch SNL, then you know that black women are anathema to that show. There have only been four hired as full time cast members in their 38 year history of existence. I read this article from NPR about this black out phenomenon.

And my rant ensued on Tumblr. I have copied it here in toto:


I tire of the lame old excuses white people give when explaining why they won’t get off their racist horses and hire a black person for this or that job. The excuse IS always THE SAME no matter what field: “There aren’t any out there.” “No qualified BLACK applicants applied.” This is the very tired mantra that is given to explain why SNL does not hire black women, “They aren’t ready in auditions.” I can barely type because it’s such a lie and I have NEVER attended an SNL audition.

Have you seen the new cast members? They are the usual vanilla suspects, and they aren’t even funny. They are MEDIOCRE at best. LET ME TELL YOU THIS AMERICA: WHEN WHITE FOLKS ARE OKAY WITH MEDIOCRE BLACK FOLKS WE WILL HAVE OVERCOME. How many of you have a story about how some mediocre (in skill whatever the field) white person got a break (nepotism, being white, being white, etc) and overtime became good at their job because they received help or just learned on the job. But a black person has to be EXCEPTIONAL IN EVERY RESPECT to barely get noticed, and sometimes they STILL get overlooked. So don’t feed me that load of creepy crap about black women not being ready for the “highly relevant and very successful SNL” (being snarky here).  If you hired some black woman who was TWO-THIRDS ready THAT would be an improvement because YOU SURE ENOUGH HAVE HIRED SOME MEDIOCRE WHITE FOLKS. THE REASON LORNE MICHAELS HASN’T HIRED A BLACK WOMEN IS BECAUSE OF WHITE PRIVILEGE AND INSTITUTIONAL RACISM!! HE IS THE CAPTAIN OF THE SNL SHIP AND HE CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL HE WANTS AND HE HAS DECIDED EVERY YEAR NOT TO HIRE A BLACK WOMAN!! AS REVEREND AL SAID, WE (MEANING YOU WHITE FOLKS IN POWER) WON’T LEARN ANYTHING FROM THIS. SO WHEN ANOTHER EXCEPTIONAL BLACK WOMEN GETS A BREAK LIKE KERRY WASHINGTON AND IS ASKED TO HOST WE WILL HAVE THIS SAME OLD TIRED CONVERSATION. IT MAKES ME WANT TO HOLLER AND TYPE IN ALL CAPS WHEN I SHOULD BE WRITING MY DAMN FICS!!!!! TAKE THAT DAMN TALENTED 10TH MENTALLY AND SHOVE IT!


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