Totally Bored Now-Ready for School

keep_calm_and_teach_on_pink_plaid_print-r4d104abc218d4b28b7fc9c4356aa964d_wvw_8byvr_512This Friday is the first day the principal is letting us back in the building. School building, classroom, and “up to here life,” here I come! Boredom has set in. I have the distinct feeling of not being of use. Of course I am, but…just need something else. Weeks ago when I finally weaned myself off writing Scandal Fanfiction stories (totally obsessed/totally addicted to instant reviewer/reader feedback/totally unable to use that opportunity to launch my own novels), I no longer had something compulsively occupying my time. I am counting calories with my husband, exercising more, and eating for my blood type, but now that I have that mastered, I need more!

Perhaps one day, I will rediscover my passion for writing. I need to find the passion again absent of instant responses!

Can’t wait for Friday! Whoop! Whoop! (sad) but Whoop! 🙂



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