Love Outside My Window

Love resides outside my kitchen window on my deck, specifically on the top shelf of a black wire plant stand. In an unused flower pot, two little birds built a nest for their little babies. It is the perfect little habitat. Two pots sit right side up beside two other pots that are turned on the side. The birds brought pine straw and other materials to build a cozy nest in the pots that are turned on the sides. Situated beside the pots that are upright, the opening is sheltered and hidden. After the nest building, the hard work began. From sun up to sun down, two birds take turns gathering food for their babies. There are three of them that squeal their little begging calls. When the birds come in to bring the food, they never make a direct approach. They take evasive action. I think this is their way of keeping the identity of the nest hidden from any potential predators, including us, the inhabitants of the house. Our two black labs who often sit with me on the deck as I write, are none the wiser. When the birds bring their food, the birds squeal and their little beaks open wide. The birds place the food in their hungry little mouths.

This little scene reminds me of my task, as a teacher, when school starts oh too soon. Eek. June is almost over and it will be back to seed time and harvest for me. I have been preparing for this by taking professional development classes and partaking in other rejuvenating activities.



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