The Sky Is Everywhere: Why I love to typewrite

typewriterCreating. Shaping. Inciting. Emoting. These are a couple of reasons I enjoy writing.

The word, “writing” is a misnomer because it is rare that I take paper to pen to write. Quiet as it is kept I don’t even like to write in the old fashioned way with a writing instrument (pen, pencil) and paper. In college, I made that transition from writing to “typewriting.” In those days, I would write a draft on paper, revise on paper, type the draft, print the draft, revise on the printed draft , edit on the screen, reprint…until I arrived at the final draft. Over time, I moved to finally just typewriting and revising on the screen. I see the value in writing with an instrument, but I think I have been irrevocably changed from a writer to a typewriter. Writing seems so crude and it even stunts my creative process.

Now back to my first sentence: Creating. Shaping. Inciting. Emoting. Evolving. These are a couple of reasons I enjoy writing. A couple of years I quit my job to purse writing. Needless to say I didn’t publish anything aside from this blog. Even though I considered myself to be a good writer, I had a difficult time breaking through the wall of my mind to really create another world. I started writing Fanfictions and through that process, I have opened up the flood gates of ideas. I think I am on the cusp of writing that novel. I enjoy creating another world through my writing. Truly, once the words are on the page, they take on a life of their own. It makes me feel quite powerful. As I walk through the world as a regular person, I feel empowered because I have this other world that I have created that runs parallel to the real world. I borrow from that real world to help in my creation. Creating is related to shaping. I can shape this world and mold it with the words I chose to use. This is word smithing, my favorite pastime.

Since the lion’s share of my writing is done on, I have a community of people who review my stories. Unfortunately, I have become quite accustomed to their feedback. I enjoy reading about and witnessing the investment my readers make into these characters and the way in which I have written them. Now writing for is a sort of shortcut because often the characters and in some cases, the story lines are the creation of another. The fans come with preconceived notions and expectations. The writers can play into those or use them as a catalyst to create new things. My stories are a hybrid of these two approaches. Why did I use the word, “Unfortunately.” My dependence on feedback is sort of a crutch. I am always waiting for it and wanting it. This is not good because writing is often a lonely process. No one gets instant feedback. How will I escape? I don’t know.

Despite my little problem, I am enlarged and my horizon is broadened. For me in my typewriting, the sky is everywhere. I can continue to reach new heights.



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