Reflecting on my Teaching Practice

reflective-teachingIn my educator program I learned the importance of reflecting on one’s teaching practice. As a teacher, I see the importance of doing so. Reflection provides the space for problem solving, modifying routines/procedures, and listening to one’s inner voice for what is being said about the classroom, students, and surrounding school. I need more than one of Olivia’s and Fitz’s one minute. I need about 30 minutes compounded. Elementary school teaching, at least, doesn’t lend it self to much time for reflection unless it is done on one’s own time. Time is a beast…a heartless beast.

As I think more about this and the way my mind works, I am reflecting all the time. My students, classroom, and random thought of what I have to do are constantly popping into my mind like instant messages, tweets, or texts (too many tech references?). It is annoying, but serves a purpose. The needed reflection is happening, albeit incidentally.

My week thus far has been satisfying. I am seeing a slight paradigm shift in many of my students. They are slowly but surely beginning to work much harder. They are becoming more conscientious. I have a number of students who have a difficult time managing their materials, homework, work deadlines, etc. Because many of my parents are Spanish speaking, I have to plan my phone calls to parents when I have an interpreter. Getting parental involvement to help with intervention has been difficult. I have been really talking to these students and giving one on one attention to help them manage everything. They have checklists and I give praise and prizes when they remember to write down homework, complete homework, or get a signature.  I tell them that they must take responsibility for their own education. I am a people builder of sorts.


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