Divided Sorrows Multiplied Joys in Teaching part 1.

ImageSo now I am enjoying a much needed Thanksgiving break…5 whole days off. Well, not really. I have work to do.

I need to finish grading papers and entering grades. There is the planning for the week we go back as well as future planning since the end of the second 9 weeks will be only 3 1/2 weeks when we return. Our “Results Based Evaluation System” sheet is due a couple of days after we return so I need to grade more benchmark tests, enter the data, and then think of goals like one would do in a business. For example, “Students will achieve 100% fact fluency in multiplication or advance two F&P reading levels.” I need to finish creating and updating my teacher website. It looks great by the way! I would like to write a letter to the parents of those struggling students.

The list could go on, but realistically, I doubt if I get all this done. For those folks that think teaching is a cushy job, please think again.

Now to the title of this post. I really want to focus on the joys of teaching and not the sorrows, but it is so difficult. My husband is my sounding board at home, but aside for him and a few personal friends, I don’t have anyone else to debrief with about my sorrows and joys. I am alienated at work because I started in October. My room is no even on the same hall as the other teachers on my grade level. When folks ask me how it is going, I smile and say, “great” because they really don’t want to know. Asking is the polite, perfunctory thing to do. My AP stops by daily, but she can’t really help me with the nitty gritty nuts and bolts. The math coach has been the most helpful and not just with math. She is pretty consistent with her presence and she always has a resource ready for me to use. She is also very encouraging.

Peer Group

If I had a daily or weekly problem solving group meeting to vent and then find solutions, it would help tremendously. Now we do have weekly professional learning and/or planning meetings. These are not helpful to me. No one wants to hear from me. I guess because I am new. Also, the agenda is always set by the administration, usually explaining more responsibilities or initiative we have to adopt, implement, etc.

Connection to Parents

There is no school to home connection. This is primarily because I started late. Students rarely give their parents notices from me. The language barrier plays a role too.

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