Obsessed with ABC’s Scandal and my teaching job!

Almost 4 weeks into my new teaching job and I am almost settled in. This second year of starting late is just as stressful as last year, but this second time around is…I don’t know…better in some ways. I have more support than last year, but less contact with the other teachers on my grade level. Being a new teacher…even the second time around is somewhat alienating. The other teachers are in their stride and their offers for help are kind of empty…or there is so little time for real collaboration. I love my kids and our little learning community. The lesson for me to learn is to cherish every moment and not get bogged down when things don’t go exactly like I want. Hey that is life and this lesson translates into all aspects of my life. I feel like I have so much to bring to this job…even in my “wet behind the earness.” I know it will take time to thrive and not just survive…as my principal told me, “Ms. Jenkins, your job is to just survive this year.” 

 Okay…I am soooooooo obsessed with the show, “Scandal” and Olitz’s relationship. I sooooo ship them! The passion, the intensity, the love….I can’t get enough along with the legions of fans. I found a way to explore this obsession. I can write stories about it on fanfiction….when I can find the time. I can also blog about it here. I promise to blog more!  See ya soon!

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