Book Club

Now as we and the other members of our book club embark on our respective vacations, we have taken a short hiatus. We didn’t finish our last book and I admit I was glad. In an effort to give them the opportunity to chose our reading selections, we put the titles in a basket and my husband (an impartial party) picked them in the order that we would read our next batch. I wasn’t pleased with their choices. He chose one of their contributions first, James Patterson’s Angel from the Maximum Ride series. This book left a lot to be desired for me. I didn’t like the plot or characters at all. It was as if the author collected what he thought were the ingredients of today’s teen novels, mixed in a bowl, and then served in the form of this series. We had some okay conversations, but… Even though my choice was picked last, I believe I can convince them to read mine next, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.

My daughter and I are still reading together until the book club reconvenes. We are reading and discussions chapters in Our Bodies Ourselves, by The Boston Women’s Health Collective and Judy Norsigian. It is such a blessing to have this time to talk and spend time together without the pressures of school and other activities.


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