25 days till school starts…

And I don’t have a teaching job. What I do possess is my squeaky, new Masters in Teaching, my Georgia Educator Certificate, an untold number of teaching/instructional strategies, and oodles of enthusiasm/energy. To be honest, I should mention the student loans I acquired to get this third degree (2nd Masters). A proportion of the loans can be worked off with teaching service when I do get a position. Any day now, I should receive notification of the decision to grant my request for an economic forbearance or extension from the company servicing my undergraduate loans that I deferred when I pursued my education degree. This is the price I pay for going to an expensive private school where I couldn’t get the full Hope and changing vocations. Thankfully, I got a full scholarship to seminary, but I am not “using that degree.”

When school begins, I will be a substitute teacher in Gwinnett County Schools. Hopefully, in this year or the next I will be in the right place at the right time when an opening appears. Unfortunately these economic times have made teaching anything but a recession proof profession. Mortician, I think remains the only one. I am not discouraged or bitter now. There were inklings of those emotions last school year during my student teaching when it became clear that jobs for newbies like me without any contacts would not find employment. In fact, teachers hired mid-year that year were informed that their jobs were in jeopardy due to across the board cuts in the district. I have looked in other districts, but it is even harder there due to their cuts and my lack of a relationship with that district. I expect to be very busy subbing in the fall. I will have the free mind space and time to focus on the home and hearth as well a possible business ventures with my husband. There is that book I am supposed to be writing to…

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