Silver Sparrow part 2

I finished Silver Sparrow a couple of days ago, and I must say that I was so disappointed it had to end. My heart broke for both Dana Lynn and Chaurisse. Neither daughter was the victor in this situation if there is even such a thing in a web of lies and deceit. I had to fight the temptation to make this about the father or his partners in crime, blaming them and wondering how they continued in their reality. In the end, I focused on the daughters and how they made sense of the world around them. It was interesting to see how they formed relationships with young men and related to girls. Each girl seemed to be lacking when it came to self worth. Dana Lynn’s insecurities were to be expected because she knew her father had a life a part from her, another daughter and wife who never had to hide. Chaurisse, though she was the “legitimized” daughter suffered from a deep sense of inadequacy because she was not a “silver girl” with long hair, a  great figure, and lots of friends.

This book is a must read. I recommend it for book clubs, especially.

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