Silver Sparrow

Your father is married and has a daughter the same age as you. He is married to your mother also, but lives with his legal wife and daughter. You and your mother know about them, but you are the secret because they don’t know about you. This is, in a nutshell, the plot of Tayari Jones’ novel, Silver Sparrow. Each daughter narrates a half of the book and I just finished the first half from the perspective of the secret daughter, Dana Lynn Yarboro. This book is a masterpiece and I haven’t even finished it yet! Jones has the ability to draw in the reader so that they feel like the characters are confidantes who are entrusting them with their secrets. I feel like I know each character intimately. I cannot wait to understand James’ other daughter, Chaurisse and wife, Laverne. This book reminds me of Delores Phillips’ haunting novel, The Darkest Child. There are some common elements in the plot, but they each drew me in with their writing.

I’ll be back for a longer review, but I just had to write a few words because it is so good!


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