A Banner Day!

Today has been a banner day. It has taught me that you cannot judge a day by how it begins. Late to bed, early to rise has been my lot this week through no real fault of my own. I awoke this morning with my second headache of the week so I took my medicine and proceeded to get myself ready for the day ahead. I looked down the dark hallway and gave my daughter an air kiss that I hoped would travel through the door to her cheek. My husband’s feet peaked from under the blanket in the same place I left him last night watching television. Rock and Candi would not let me leave without attending to them. Rock jumped up to greet me twice while Candi wagged her tail with abandon. I let them pee and eat and I was off to school at 6:20 am.  I arrived at 7:10 am feeling a little woozy from the medicine. My mentor teacher arrived and we began to prepare for the day. I gave my lesson, but there was no time for feedback. As always I felt so at home teaching. I thought it went well, but I craved more time. As the day wore on, my mentor teacher told me that my lesson was fabulous as it integrated technology and literature they had just read. She said she took some ideas from me! I was overjoyed! She wasn’t just being nice to me either. She began implementing those ideas that day to my pleasant surprise. I was not scheduled to be there tomorrow, but I will because of a sub job for the teacher across the hall. I had plans to get caught up on some research and other work, but I couldn’t say no to this. I need the money and want to really make a good impression at this school. You never know, a position might come open and they could hire me!

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