Great, Not Good

I was watching Oprah a couple of days ago when the show featured talented kids like Justin Bieber and Charice. Oprah asked Charice to share the best advice she received from songwriter and producer, David Foster. She said that he told her that her work had to be great, not just good. David Foster who also appeared on the show said that the good is often the enemy of the great. This entire notion, though seemingly simplistic, gave me pause. It made me reflect on my own life and my current path towards becoming a teacher.

I want to be a great teacher, not just a good one! Everyone has a purpose and life’s calling that they must fully embody. I’ve been on a journey for some time now trying to get on that right path, to discover my true calling. I am thankful to have found it. Those students I will eventually teach deserve the best.

This is the sort of mindset I try to instill in my daughter. Perhaps she will not only hear me say it, but witness it in how I approach my work.

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