Science in the Box

Whew! I have really been frantically busy since spring semester began. I haven’t been able to substitute much with my 3 night a week class load and two day a week internship. My science in the box assignment was so very time consuming. It involved creating 5 lessons based one of the learning standards from my state science standards. I chose a 5th grade standard on plant cells. The lessons have to be engaging and hands on. They must have the 5 multiple intelligences incorporated within as well as the science process skills and 5 E’s of science learning. All the materials have to fit in a box and the box must be decorated to hook the kids into the lesson. It has to be creative and evoke wonder. In addition to that, one of the lessons has to be totally scripted and include an original book based on standard we are teaching. All the lessons have to have a children’s literature selection integrated into it. We have to teach the scripted lesson to our colleagues and present the box with all the lessons. My presentation was last night. I must say it went really well. My book came out beautifully. It was very all consuming, but I learned a lot. That’s the point, right?

My other class, Teaching Math, has been fabulous and my Teaching Reading class has been an exercise in boiling the ocean!

The internship is going well. I am tutoring two 1st grade girls on number concepts and number sense. Right now I am very tired and need to rest since it is spring break next week. Whew!


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