On Being A Mother

What does it mean to be a mother? I think that is the wrong question. How does one know that she is a good mother? At what point do we step back and allow our children to venture out into the world, hoping the soundtrack that is our voice filled with words of wisdom and admonitions, replays in their heads and steers them in the right direction…to the right decision?

I am a hands on parent, but not one of those micro-managers. Honestly, I am a little bit of a micro-manager, but I am getting better. My teacher training has been a big help. There is a such thing as scream free parenting. The harder road is frustration free parenting. That kind of parenting probably doesn’t exist. I am a mother every day in the trenches, coaching, loving, counting to 10, shepherding, and on and on. My husband is there with me and we are holding each other up. I don’t mean to sound somber. My kid is great, but we are driving down the road of our lives and the sign says, “Adolescence 25 miles.”

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