President Obama related to Warren Buffet

Here is another story about President Obama’s ancestry. According to reports, some genealogists at stumbled upon evidence to support a link between President Obama and billionaire, Warren Buffet. They may be distant cousins. There were similar finds during the campaign that uncovered other notable folks in Obama’s family tree. In all the stories I’ve seen these folks are white. There is something a little suspect about these reports given the history of racism. Usually this sort of revelation is the cause of angst among white people. Are these quests to know President Barack Obama’s ancestry (beyond what he has revealed) an attempt to somehow magnify his European ancestry overagainst his African heritage? Is this an effort to make him more acceptable as president–not really African American–but a hybrid. His parents were different races, making him of mixed race. However, given the realities of racial identification, he chose to identify as African American. These reports aren’t fascinating to me because we are all mixed.

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