A Day in the Life of Tiger Woods

I was trolling Youtube and found these two clips of a mini documentary about a Tiger Woods impersonator. He does look remarkably like Woods even sounding like him too. He may not be getting much work now in light of the scandal. You never know. Perhaps he will get more work.

I have always been indifferent about Tiger Woods. Of course I acknowledge his greatness in sports. He is the same age as I am. Like many other blacks, I was put off by his creation of his new race: “Cablanasion” during his Oprah interview. There is no problem with acknowledging the diversity of one’s heritage, but the fact that he put “Ca” for Caucasian first lets me know that he privileges whiteness over all the others. You would think having an African American dad and Asian mom would have caused him to identify with those two races first. However, that is not his story. I don’t really care. He had made some very bad choices.

As I watched the clip, so many thoughts rushed through my head. The impersonator is getting paid based on the laurels of Tiger Woods. Wow, recent events have shed new light on his “transgressions.” He is on the precipice and the bottom is in sight. In the midst of a scandal being a regular person is better than being a celebrity when it comes to keeping ones privacy. The impersonator will now have to diminish those things about him that resemble Tiger.

One last thing…I don’t condone what he did, but the media frenzy is so…sickening and routine. As soon as the first report was released, the news shows started doing one of those examinations of his career like he had died. “What does Tiger mean to the world of golf?” “How will this affect his career?” There was this summing up of his life based on that one report. Well this is just typical of the media.

Part 1

Part 2

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