Stupid Headaches

Pain_lV_headaches_071217_mnI suffer from chronic headaches. These obnoxious, painful, annoyances visit me once every two to three months. I experience a very weak, yet nagging pain usually above my left eye that progressively increases in intensity and location, sometimes spreading to parts of my forehead and extending to the top of my head. Usually, but not always, if I take Zomig at the first sign of pain and lay down, the headache goes away. The medicine causes me to feel worse for a time, but it combats the pain.  If I shrug it off like I did yesterday, the pain gets worse and I have the full blown aching, throbbing, stupid headache! I call them migraines, but I have never received a final diagnosis from my doctors.

Combined with the ache, I experience increased phlegm, nose congestion, and sometimes a slightly runny nose. This leads me to believe that this ache is related to my sinuses. These are not clusters because all the symptoms do not match.  I might be having a sinus headache. I’ve had these stupid headaches since before college. During an episode, a friend gave me a Benadryl capsule to try. It worked like magic. The pill knocked me out, but the next morning I was refreshed and pain free. This discovery lead me to using Benadryl as an elixir and then finally Benadryl allergy sinus headache maximum strength tablets.  This worked for a couple of years, but as my body became more tolerant of the medicine, it worked less. I began taking more and more tablets to combat the pain. Eventually I stopped taking Benadryl. I tried drinking coffee when the aches began and the caffeine worked sometimes, but not consistently enough. I spoke to my  doctor about migraines and she prescribed Axert, but it did not help.

Finally, I landed on Zomig which seemed to help more consistently. The medicine needs to be taken at the first onset of pain to work the best. Also, it doesn’t decrease the onset of the headaches over time.There is one remedy that works like magic, but I cannot use it for the duration of the pain. This is standing under a warm shower spray. My ache goes away instantly. I guess the soothing water tricks my brain so that my pain receptors are overtaken by the sensation of the soothing water. I tried to replicate this effect by rubbing Mentholatum or Vicks vapor rub over my eye and under my nose. It works somewhat like the water because the cool/hot sensation takes my mind off the pain.

I just completed an episode of my stupid headache. Last night while I was in the shower under that glorious, warm spray, I was wishing I could stay there until the pain went away. I was also wishing for a pill that worked like a warm shower.

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