Fall is Great

I love the fall. Yes, it is usually marked by an uptick in schedules and everyone is spread thin. I am amongst the throngs of those trying to check off their “to do” lists. I welcome that chill in the air and the turning of the leaves from green to all those burnished fall tones. Perhaps my love of all things Fall has to do with my being born in September.

Tonight I gave a presentation on adolescent brain development. My research to prepare was fascinating. With all the cognitive changes adolescents go through, it is any wonder that any of us develop into well adjusted adults. Most importantly, they need guidance, coaching, modeling, and understanding. There are other projects in process and they are all due in the next couple of weeks. It really helps that I enjoy the content.

My substitute assignments have been great learning experiences. I really feel like I improve with every assignment. The special ed classes I’ve subbed for have been very helpful. Regular education teachers have students receiving special education services in their regular education classes for some or all of the day. I noticed how many of the teachers I’ve subbed for have this. I feel better prepared to manage this now that I’ve experienced it.

There is really no real theme to this post. I haven’t posted in awhile and wanted to lay down some words. I am reading two good books, Republican Gomorrah and The Family.

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