On Finding a School

The more I teach the stronger my desire to finally have my own classroom. Since I started subbing in the spring, taking classes this  summer, and completing all my requirements to be hired as a full time teacher, I have been anxious about getting a job. At this moment, I am eligible to be hired even though I have not finished my coursework. To secure employment as a teacher would require me to make contact with a principal who would be willing to hire me on a provisional certificate. I am positioned for this since I am actively subbing in schools. However, I lack the contact with a principal that is so crucial.

There are two principals I know, but the contact has not been beneficial to me. The first one previously worked as the principal of my daughter’s elementary school. She transitioned to another school to be the principal of a newly built school. We worked together on the School Council. I was very visible in the school because of my work on the PTA. I contacted her via e-mail after school began to let her know of my transitioning into teaching and a desire to catch up with her. She never replied to my e-mail. The second person is the current principal at my daughter’s elementary school. We worked together on School Council and with my PTA work. I subbed in the spring under her leadership. She wrote me a recommendation supporting my application to the MAT program. I e-mailed her after school began expressing my eligibility and desire for employment. I stressed that I was interested in employment as a stellar substitute. She replied that she didn’t have anything available. I figured this was the case since school had just started, but I wanted her to keep me in mind. Unfortunately, her school has not called me to substitute.

I need more patience and am constantly telling myself this when I get too anxious. The most important thing to do is to keep gaining the knowledge and skills in teaching and instruction in my course work and on my sub assignments. It will come.

I do wonder how to go about choosing a school to focus my energy upon especially not knowing many people in the field. Of course there are the logical things to consider like location, but what about the administration, staff, students, test scores, etc. These are measures to consider also. Initially, I’d like a smaller school with a diverse population of teachers and faculty/staff.

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