My “Dance Card” is Almost Full

a_Dance-Card_Photo__retouched_1A_-_MEDI hit the motherlode of substitute teacher assignments last week when I phoned another school inquiring about adding me to their list. Once the substitute coordinator verified my approval, she started spouting off dates like a leaky water hose. That one call garnered me 7, count them, 7 assignments. The majority of those are for a 5th grade teacher attending training every Thursday for a couple of weeks! Later that same day, another school called with a half day assignment. Then there was the referral call from the sister of a paraprofessional I worked with on my first assignment of the year. She teaches fourth grade and needs me later this month. In total I have 12 assignments!

These jobs provide invaluable experience in the instructional environment. They are also enriching the knowledge I am gaining in the three classes I am taking this semester: Creativity in Teaching, Child Development, and Teaching Exceptional Learners. Next semester, I will be engaged in my first field experience as a component of my program.


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