The Juggling Begins Now

jugglingI really don’t have much time to devote to this post as I have to leave soon to run a few errands before heading off to class tonight. Fall semester at Mercer University’s Tift College of Education starts today and so the juggling begins. I will be in class three nights a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday respectively. My daughter has been in middle school a total of two full weeks now, but the homework has not been heavy. I know that will change, but Dad will be home to run interference on that front.

I received a call to substitute this morning, but I had to turn it down to attend my previously scheduled PTA Reflections Chair orientation meeting. I am excited about leading out on this program for the middle school, but this too will have to be juggled with all the other stuff.

Once I begin subbing regularly along with going to school, it will get  interesting. It will be similar to working full time (almost) and going to class at night. The difference is that my work will probably be different every day as I whisk from class to class. This should be a fun year.

Saw District 9 and finished reading Delores Phillips’ the darkest child this past week. They were both great works of film and literature. Highly recommend.

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