Oops! I missed out on two assignments

During this week, I’ve been calling elementary schools in Gwinnett County to be listed on their substitute teacher list. I didn’t think I would get any calls until next month since one would expect teachers to be present these first couple of weeks. This week I’ve been volunteering at my daughter’s school every morning except for Thursday. This morning I missed a call from a school needing a substitute because I was volunteering at her school. Dag nab it! I consoled myself by reasoning that the call, at least was a good sign that maybe I’ll be getting called earlier than I thought. Today I called a few more schools and was offered an assignment on the spot. Unfortunately, the assignment is for a day I am scheduled to attend a training on the PTA Reflections program, of which I am the chairperson. Double dag nab it!! Two missed assignments due to my unpaid committments. I will be ready next week and have no committments. I love my volunteering.

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