One thought on “The Unafraid American’s Guide to the Angry, Gun-Toting, Mobs

  1. Your article was a good read.
    If only each of us would remind ourselves daily the reason why we are all born into this world. We are here to choose. All this nonsense of believing I am better than you is a lie designed to trap the mind. People like Savage, Buchanan, Hannity etc. have given themselves over to that lie. To be blind and deaf to truth is the deadliest disease to man. There is no comparing it to the deadliest form of cancer there is. We can only stretch rope but so far, but time goes on. None of us will be able to do as much as we would like [evil] for as long as we would want to. We were not designed that way and only fools believe they will never fade from this earth. Hitler’s spirit is still alive and well, I see. Only the body dies. Don’t tell them so..they won’t believe you.

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