Pounding the Pavement

bootWe survived the first day of middle school. It wasn’t so bad or overwhelming. My daughter and I had our normal morning battles then she was off to wait for the bus. She couldn’t escape without the obligatory first day of school picture. After the bus left, I headed off to her school by car to volunteer. It was the PTA President, Vice President, and me assuring the principal that we had it all under control. She was frantically walking around trying to decide where to put the volunteers. The “it” was collecting various and sundry forms from students and sorting them to send to the departments, i.e. clinic cards to the clinic, immunization forms to the office, P.E. uniform orders to the P.E. teachers and so on. Of course all this couldn’t get done on registration day and open house so the rest was left for the first day of school.

I loved it. All of it: The bustle of the main office. The 6th graders walking around with the deer caught in the headlights look, which was the same look many of the teachers shared. Yes, this is a new year and a new school, but the system is pretty much the same. I cannot wait until I am a full fledged educator immersed in the miasma of my class and school.

After volunteering and running an errand, I returned home intent on revamping my resume. Out with the association management, program directory stuff, in with the educating, classroom intructor like lingo. Eureka! I have updated my resume in anticipation of attending a job fair where my county’s school district will be a vendor. Perhaps I will catch someone’s fancy and get hired as a Stellar Substitute. This is the name of a longterm substitute dedicated to one school. The pay is low but it is constant work in the classroom, building my experience until I am certified and ready to have my own class. The best case scenario would be to get hired with a provisional certification and start teaching now. This would be a great plan for next school year. If not, I continue forging ahead with school and substituting.

I plan to be substitute teaching a lot this school year at multiple elementary schools. I have identified 24 where I plan to be available. This high number is to increase the chances that I might get called 3 or 4 times a week for maximum experience and l’argent or money. Let’s hope I can juggle it all once school starts. I can. I will. I have juggled more. Thanks to hubby for his support. Just make sure he doesn’t end up cooking too often so he won’t give me that look.

2 thoughts on “Pounding the Pavement

  1. Really like your sharing your determination. Questions for you:
    1) How to pronounce “l’argent”?
    2) Is the boot Vashti’s?

    Good Luck.

  2. lar jent is how it is pronounced. The “t” is silent.

    No, the boot is not Vashti’s. I found it by googling, “pounding the pavement.”

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