The Paralysis of Analysis…

brain-webI’ve been suffering from an accute case of writer’s paralysis when it comes to my blog. Maybe it is because I am back in school and uber focused on my class assignments. Perhaps I am overestimating the intellectual merit or poignancy my posts have to reach in order to be worthy of posting. I don’t know. I have been a little shy, I think, because I fear that the contents of one of my posts might prevent me from getting a job one day or might cause some sort of controversy. There is a level of fear about offending someone or writing something inappropriate. As an education graduate student who will one day teach, I think I have become a little more wary about what I reveal. Now it stands to reason that I should be thinking about these things. On the other hand, I do not write vulgar or offensive content or malign anyone. Also, I don’t get many readers. The marjority come from Facebook when I post my entries there. To alleviate this fear, I should stop sharing my entries there. But there is this part of me that wants my words to be read. I do keep a journal but posting here is much more appealing because of the possibility that my words will meet up with someone. I do put too much emphasis on what other think of me, but not in explicit ways. These feelings crop up in subtle ways and cause me to analyze what others may think based on what I may have projected them to think. In reality, I think people are so busy and preoccupied with life, responsibilities, their blackberries, and computers that most have not even had time to form an opinion. Okay! I will throw a measure of my caution to the wind and post more frequently, those things that come to mind.

2 thoughts on “The Paralysis of Analysis…

  1. Hello Butterflypages. I’ve only just taken the plunge into the blogoshpere, and this posting of yours was linked to my second post, possibly because of my debut message…? I can certainly understand why, although I haven’t a clue how WordPress did that! LOL I have the advantage of being old enough to no longer worry about what anyone thinks about my posts. I’m only concerned about what anyone might do, and then only in a negative way. Actions always speak louder than words, and I am committed to walking the walk I talk. I hope your schooling has been going well in the intervening months, and that you no longer suffer from blogger’s block. 😉 Regards, Saralee

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