My daughter is reading the Bible on her own

ladder_tree1“Mommy, I want you to read me some scriptures before bed,” my 11 year-old daughter said in response to my repeated requests for her to get ready for bed.

I was somewhat shocked by her request as she rarely asks me to read scriptures before bed. More often she wants me to pray with her or read a story. She is an avid reader. A plethora of books and Highlights magazines litter her bed and bathroom often to my consternation. How many books can one person read at a time?! She cannot use the facilities or take a bath without a book. In her dirty clothes hamper, one will find at least two or three paperbacks that have fallen in from their perch on top of the hamper. We have banned her from taking books or reading material in the bathroom, but she ignores us to no end. Downstairs in the half bathroom, she has a stash of books in the cabinet under the sink for her reading pleasure.

I’d be hardpressed to find a parent who wouldn’t love their children to enjoy reading as much as my daughter does.  I am happy that she has a great love of reading and books, but I want her to be a little neater. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I love books and enjoy reading too.

Any other time, I would have refused her request given the lateness of the  hour. Her chores include some of the early morning doggie duties and she hates to rise early to complete them especially when she has gone to bed late. I couldn’t refuse her that request to read scripture.  I chose Matthew 6:43-48.

A couple of nights later as I tucked her in, I asked if she wanted me to read a scripture. “No,” she said matter-of- factly, “I’ve already read some.”

“Oh,” I said very impressed with her initiative, “What did you read?”

She had read Psalm 22. Not familiar with this Psalm my number, I asked her to expound. She explained that David was wondering why God didn’t help him. We prayed. I kissed her brow and smiled at the books surronding her bed on the floor. Her bible was tucked under her arm as she turned over to slumber into dreamland.


One thought on “My daughter is reading the Bible on her own

  1. Absolutely love this!!! Brings back childhood memories of me and my reading and teaching the scriptures at an early age!!

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