EeeK! I need more time…

Okay, so, I am in the throes of school and it is…FABULOUS!! {Cue Jim Carey’s mantra in How the Grinch Stole Christmas} I am taking two classes this summer session, Planning and Instruction in Early Childhood Education and Foundations of Education. Because the summers are shorter than the fall and spring semesters, there is 15 weeks of material packed into 8 weeks. I have learned that it is easy to devour gobs and gobs of material that you love!

The students in my classes have been friendly overall. There is a nice mix of recent grads from college and career switchers. I have enjoyed hearing everyone’s story during the introductions. It is somewhat surreal for me to tell my story because I am getting better at crafting it each time I have to introduce myself. This has led to some much needed reflection and I now understand that I have been on the education track from the very beginning.

There is a great deal of group work as one might expect. I thrive in this sort of setting. The dynamics of my groups have been very conducive to collaboration and learning.

About the title of this blog post…I really need more time. There is so much to absorb, reflect upon, and write about both within and outside of class. Of course there are the assignments assigned for class coupled with class preparation and attendance. I am due to take the GACE content assessments in two weeks so there is more studying for those. I have a full instructional curriculum for my daughter in addition to her other summer activities. “Instructional curriculum” sounds fancy but it includes Summer Bridge, some math enrichment, reading, and what I call moral intelligence enrichment. Also, there are many sensational headlines I want to write about and just plain news to explore.  I think my vicarious days of checking my long list of news websites is over. I barely make it to Huffington Post daily, much less my other sites.

I will sign off now before I start rambling…well I probably reached that point a couple of lines ago. In short…Life is abundant and my territory is enlarging.

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