To Be an Educator

appleOh legion of readers, I have missed you so as I know you have missed me. But, alas, I am here now!

Okay I am being sarcastic. I don’t have a legion of readers, but I do miss you half a handful. I have been occupied with substitute teaching, applying to graduate school, and preparing activities for the end of the school year at my daughter’s school.

Teaching…Educating….I truly marvel at the prospect of one day having my own class of eager (hopefully) learners. In these last couple of months, I have been getting my feet wet in the classroom. I have been in Pre-K through 5th grade general and special education classes. There are aspects of each of them that I like or dislike. I haven’t settled on a grade yet, and I think that is okay. I am open to whatever is the right fit. I don’t want to be pointing in any particular direction yet.

My husband says that I am really taking President Obama’s charge of service to heart. Serving and helping others is my passion. Imparting knowledge, explaining, learning new things, exploring ideas and concepts, thinking critically are all endeavors that really get my synapses firing and releases hefty doses of endorphins.

The prospect of going to graduate school enlarges my spirit. I plan to throw myself wholeheartedly into the Master of Art in Teaching Program in Early Childhood Education. The summer session begins today, but my first class doesn’t commence until next week. In addition to classes, I’ll be studying for the GACE content assessments in Early Childhood Education which are the tests one takes after finishing their program. I had already signed up to take them because I was pursuing an alternative path to teacher certification that required I pass the content assessments, obtain a job, and then apply to the teacher preparation program offered by the county.  These alternative programs are set up for career switchers who are interested in teaching, but do not possess a traditional teaching degree. Upon researching this path more, I opted to take a more traditional route by enrolling in school. In this way, I won’t be teaching while learning the skills needed to teach. Also given the realiites of the economic downturn, finding a teaching job without my certification would be difficult, especially when competing with displaced or furloughed certified teachers. I will still take the test, though. If I pass after cramming, that will be one less requirement at the end.

This will be a pretty busy summer. I hope I can return to blogging regularly.


3 thoughts on “To Be an Educator

  1. I appreciate your decision to enter and complete a graduate program before obtaining a teaching position. I remember being in the classroom after completing a four year degree and internships and several years of substitute teaching during and before my degree. The classroom next door was staffed by a teacher who had not even been accepted into a program yet–no credentials, no experience, nothing. We made the same salary, had the same duties, and because she was 20 years older parents assumed she was the veteran teacher and deferred to her judgment. It was like a slap in the face for the state to tell me that all of the work that I had done was equivalent to her 6-week preparation class.

  2. Wow!! I admire that you’re going back! I still don’t know how you do it all, girl (even if you cut back on reading the news websites!). Good luck with it.

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