Randy Jackson’s vocabulary play list

Okay, I will admit to watching American Idol this season. During the cattle call shows, I thought the new judge Karen DioGuardi would be a good addition. She seemed earnest and knowledgeable. Now, I think not so much. She echos whatever the person before her says. Simon Cowell agrees because he has said, “I just said that.” a couple of times in response to her parroted remarks.  I thought she and Paula would play the women allies against Randy and Simon. The show seats her next to Randy while Paula and Simon are together and engaged in their touchy feely/love you, hate you banter. Karen usually goes after Randy Jackson when commenting on a response and she seems to be a conduit for his take. Randy has a few signature responses so I decided to note his mental vocabulary play list:

  • Pitchy in spots (wth does pitchy mean?…I know but give it a rest)
  • Hey dog
  • Baeby (spelling intentional…why does he have to say baby that way?)
  • So…check this out
  • Good lookin’ out
  • zszszll…I don’t know (the “zszszll” is the sound of him taking in breath through his teeth)


I’m adding one more:

  • Dude

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